At RHOM, we strive to give students the tools they need for musical success.  This is achieved through quality musical instruction, evaluation opportunities, and by equipping our students with cutting edge technology.  We have over 80 different musical iPad apps to enhance weekly lessons and now we are proud to be one of few studios worldwide invited to use the brand new "Practicia" app!  This app is an incredible tool for both students and parents.

How it works:

Teachers upload weekly assignments for students.  They can include text, photos, audio recordings, video recordings, and YouTube links with the assignments.  Students can record themselves practicing the assignments throughout the week.  Your teacher can then listen to the app and pause the recordings give both praise and critiques.  

Parents no longer have to wonder, "Is this what my children are supposed to be playing?  Are my children practicing their pieces and exercises correctly?"  Also, students do not have to wait until their next lesson to find out whether or not they have been practicing a piece correctly.  And teachers already know exactly which areas to focus on before the child enters the studio for their weekly lesson.  It's a win-win-win!!! 

Practicia: Aspire! Practice!  Achieve!