2020 has brought both challenges and changes to our studio.  Our awesome team and studio families have met the challenges and flowed with the many changes in order to ensure the wellness and safety of our teachers and students.  We have always required students to wash hands and use sanitizer before lessons but we have taken these additional precautions:


  • We continue requiring students to thoroughly wash their hands AND use hand sanitizer before entering the lesson room.
  • Students and families are no longer allowed to enter the lesson room while the previous student is finishing his/her lesson.  Instead, they must quietly wait in the hallway outside the room.  
  • Students (and small siblings of students) are not permitted to wander around and explore the lesson area because everything that is touched must be cleaned and sanitized.  For this reason, if parents bring in siblings they must sit quietly with the parent in the designated seating area throughout the lesson.
  • Students will be informed whether or not they need to wear masks depending on the COVID conditions here in Florida. 
  • Teachers will always wear masks when coming into close contact while instructing students.
  • Students may opt for our convenient virtual lessons in order to enjoy the learning experience from the safety of home.
  • In-Studio students who aren't feeling well may opt for a virtual lesson so they don't have to miss/make-up a lesson.
  • Our teaching rooms are cleaned and sanitized multiple times throughout the day.  Piano keys are sanitized after each student.